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cataclysm-dda 0.G

Survival horror roguelike video game

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (or "DDA" for short) is a roguelike set in a post-apocalyptic world. Struggle to survive in a harsh, persistent, procedurally generated world. Scavenge the remnants of a dead civilization for food, equipment, or, if you are lucky, a vehicle with a full tank of gas to get you out of Dodge. Fight to defeat or escape from a wide variety of powerful monstrosities, from zombies to giant insects to killer robots and things far stranger and deadlier, and against the others like yourself, that want what you have.


Install cataclysm-dda 0.G as follows:

guix install cataclysm-dda@0.G

Or install the latest version:

guix install cataclysm-dda

You can also install packages in augmented, pure or containerized environments for development or simply to try them out without polluting your user profile. See the guix shell documentation for more information.