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emacs-paredit 26

Emacs minor mode for editing parentheses

ParEdit (paredit.el) is a minor mode for performing structured editing of S-expression data. The typical example of this would be Lisp or Scheme source code.

ParEdit helps keep parentheses balanced and adds many keys for moving S-expressions and moving around in S-expressions. Its behavior can be jarring for those who may want transient periods of unbalanced parentheses, such as when typing parentheses directly or commenting out code line by line.


Install emacs-paredit 26 as follows:

guix install emacs-paredit@26

Or install the latest version:

guix install emacs-paredit

You can also install packages in augmented, pure or containerized environments for development or simply to try them out without polluting your user profile. See the guix shell documentation for more information.