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fc-host-tools 15

Freecalypso host tools

This package provides some tools for debugging FreeCalypso phones and the FreeCalypso FCDEV3B dev board.

  1. fc-e1decode: Decodes a binary Melody E1 file into an ASCII source file.

  2. fc-e1gen: Encodes an ASCII Melody E1 file into a binary Melody E1 file.

  3. fc-fr2tch: Converts a GSM 06.10 speech recording from libgsm to hex strings of TCH bits to be fed to the GSM 05.03 channel encoder of a TI Calypso GSM device.

  4. fc-tch2fr: Converts hex strings of TCH bits to libgsm.

  5. fc-gsm2vm: utility converts a GSM 06.10 speech sample from the libgsm source format into a voice memo file that can be uploaded into the FFS of a FreeCalypso device and played with the audio_vm_play_start() API or the AT@VMP command that invokes the latter.

  6. fc-rgbconv: Convers RGB 5:6:5 to RGB 8:8:8 and vice versa.

  7. rvinterf: Communicates with a TI Calypso GSM device via RVTMUX.

  8. rvtdump: produces a human-readable dump of all output emitted by a TI-based GSM fw on the RVTMUX binary packet interface.

  9. fc-shell: FreeCalypso firmwares have a feature of our own invention (not present in any pre-existing ones) to accept AT commands over the RVTMUX interface. It is useful when no second UART is available for a dedicated standard AT command interface. fc-shell is the tool that allows you to send AT commands to the firmware in this manner.

  10. fc-memdump: Captures a memory dump from a GSM device.

  11. fc-serterm: Trivial serial terminal. Escapes binary chars.

  12. fc-fsio: Going through rvinterf, this tool connects to GSM devices and allows you to manipulate the device's flash file system.

  13. tiaud-compile: Compiles an audio mode configuration table for TI's Audio Service from our own ASCII source format into the binary format for uploading into FreeCalypso GSM device FFS with fc-fsio.

  14. tiaud-decomp: Decodes TI's audio mode configuration files read out of FFS into our own ASCII format.

  15. tiaud-mkvol: Generates the *.vol binary files which need to accompany the main *.cfg ones.

  16. fc-compalram: Allows running programs on the device without writing them to flash storage.

  17. fc-xram: Allows running programs on the device without writing them to flash storage.

  18. fc-iram: Allows running programs on the device without writing them to flash storage.

  19. fc-loadtool: Writes programs to the device's flash storage.

  20. fc-simint: Loads and runs simagent on the phone, then calls fc-simtool (see fc-sim-tools repository) on the host to connect to it.

  21. pirffs: Allows listing and extracting FFS content captured as a raw flash image from Pirelli phones.

  22. mokoffs: Allows listing and extracting FFS content captured as a raw flash image from OpenMoko phones.

  23. tiffs: Allows listing and extracting FFS content captured as a raw flash image from TI phones.

  24. c139explore: Run-from-RAM program for C139 phones that exercises their peripheral hardware: LCD, keypad backlight, buzzer, vibrator.

  25. pirexplore: Run-from-RAM program for Pirelli DP-L10 phones that exercises their peripheral hardware, primarily their LCD.

  26. tfc139: Breaks into Mot C1xx phones via shellcode injection, allowing you to reflash locked phones with new firmware with fc-loadtool.

  27. ctracedec: GSM firmwares built in TI's Windows environment have a compressed trace misfeature whereby many of the ASCII strings in debug trace messages get replaced with numeric indices at build time, and these numeric indices are all that gets emitted on the RVTMUX serial channel. This tools decodes these numeric indices back to strings in trace output.

  28. fc-cal2text: This utility takes a dump of TI's /gsm/rf flash file system directory subtree as input (either extracted in vitro with tiffs or read out in vivo with fc-fsio) and converts all RF tables found therein into a readable ASCII format.

  29. imei-luhn: Computes or verifies the Luhn check digit of an IMEI number.

  30. fc-dspapidump: Reads and dumps the contents of the DSP API RAM in a target Calypso GSM device.

  31. fc-vm2hex: Converts the old-fashioned (non-AMR) voice memo files read out of FFS into hex strings.

  32. fc-buzplay: Plays piezoelectic buzzer melodies on an actual Calypso device equipped with such a buzzer (Mot C1xx, TI's D-Sample board, our planned future HSMBP) by loading a buzplayer agent onto the target and feeding melodies to be played to it.

  33. fc-tmsh: TI-based GSM firmwares provide a rich set of Test Mode commands that can be issued through the RVTMUX (debug trace) serial channel. This program is our test mode shell for sending Test Mode commands to targets and displaying decoded target responses.

  34. fcup-smsend: Send a short message via SMS

  35. fcup-smsendmult: Send multiple short messages via SMS in one go

  36. fcup-smsendpdu: Send multiple short messages given in PDU format via SMS

  37. sms-pdu-decode: Decode PDU format messages

  38. fc-dspromdump: Dump DSP ROM.

  39. pcm-sms-decode: Decode /pcm/SMS binary files read out of FFS maintained by Pirelli DP-L10. Display the SMS in human-readable form.

  40. srec-regions: Parse S-record (TI's *.m0), identify the set of discontiguous regions into which this SREC image deposits bits, and list these identified regions.


Install fc-host-tools 15 as follows:

guix install fc-host-tools@15

Or install the latest version:

guix install fc-host-tools

You can also install packages in augmented, pure or containerized environments for development or simply to try them out without polluting your user profile. See the guix shell documentation for more information.