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hdparm 9.65

View and tune ATA disk drive parameters

hdparm is a command-line utility to control ATA controllers and disk drives. It can increase performance and/or reliability by careful tuning of hardware settings like power and acoustic management, DMA modes, and caching. It can also display detailed device information, or be used as a simple performance benchmarking tool.

hdparm provides a command line interface to various Linux kernel interfaces provided by the SATA/ATA/SAS libata subsystem, and the older IDE driver subsystem. Many external USB drive enclosures with SCSI-ATA Command Translation (SAT) are also supported.


Install hdparm 9.65 as follows:

guix install hdparm@9.65

Or install the latest version:

guix install hdparm

You can also install packages in augmented, pure or containerized environments for development or simply to try them out without polluting your user profile. See the guix shell documentation for more information.