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libarchive 3.6.1

Multi-format archive and compression library

Libarchive provides a flexible interface for reading and writing archives in various formats such as tar and cpio. Libarchive also supports reading and writing archives compressed using various compression filters such as gzip and bzip2. The library is inherently stream-oriented; readers serially iterate through the archive, writers serially add things to the archive. In particular, note that there is currently no built-in support for random access nor for in-place modification. This package provides the bsdcat, bsdcpio and bsdtar commands.


Install libarchive 3.6.1 as follows:

guix install libarchive@3.6.1

Or install the latest version:

guix install libarchive

You can also install packages in augmented, pure or containerized environments for development or simply to try them out without polluting your user profile. See the guix shell documentation for more information.