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miniupnpc 2.1.20191224

UPnP protocol client library

The MiniUPnPc client library facilitates access to the services provided by any Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Internet Gateway Device (IGD) present on the network. In UPnP terminology, MiniUPnPc is a UPnP Control Point.

It is useful whenever an application needs to listen for incoming connections while running behind a UPnP-enabled router or firewall. Such applications include peer-to-peer applications, active-mode FTP clients, DCC file transfers over IRC, instant messaging, network games, and most server software.


Install miniupnpc 2.1.20191224 as follows:

guix install miniupnpc@2.1.20191224

Or install the latest version:

guix install miniupnpc

You can also install packages in augmented, pure or containerized environments for development or simply to try them out without polluting your user profile. See the guix shell documentation for more information.