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GNU Guix provides 27,558 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated March 3, 2024).

texlive-statistics 66594

Compute and typeset statistics tables and graphics

perl-statistics-basic 1.6611

Collection of very basic statistics modules

ruby-enumerable-statistics 2.0.7

Library which provides statistics features for Enumerable

cl-statistics 1.0.0-0.94fc87a

Statistical functions in Common Lisp

ecl-statistics 1.0.0-0.94fc87a

Statistical functions in Common Lisp


Haskell library of statistical types, data, and functions

sbcl-statistics 1.0.0-0.94fc87a

Statistical functions in Common Lisp

r-animation 2.7

Gallery of animations and utilities to create animations

r-deds 1.60.0

Differential expression via distance summary for microarray data

perl-statistics-distributions 1.02

Calculating some values of common statistical distributions

perl-statistics-pca 0.0.1

Perl implementation of Principal Component Analysis

julia-statsbase 0.33.10

Basic statistics for Julia

r-datasaurus 0.1.6

Datasets from the Datasaurus Dozen

python-git-hammer 0.3.1

Provide statistics for git repositories

r-circular 0.5-0

Circular statistics

r-envstats 2.8.1

Package for environmental statistics, including US EPA guidance

r-ggplot-multistats 1.0.0

Multiple summary statistics for binned stats/geometries

r-hierfstat 0.5-11

Estimation and tests of hierarchical F-statistics

r-weights 1.0.4

Weighting and weighted statistics

cl-quicklisp-stats 0.0.1-0.953b45c

Fetches and operates on Quicklisp download statistics

darkstat 3.0.719

Network statistics gatherer

ecl-quicklisp-stats 0.0.1-0.953b45c

Fetches and operates on Quicklisp download statistics

emacs-gc-stats 1.4

Collect Emacs GC statistics

emacs-tokei 0.2

Display codebase statistics in Emacs


GSL Statistics interface for Haskell

httpstat 1.3.1

Visualize curl statistics

libstatgrab 0.92.1

Provides access to statistics about the system

python-icegrams 1.1.2

Trigram statistics for Icelandic

python-stsci-imagestats 1.8.0

Compute sigma-clipped statistics on data arrays

r-abacus 1.0.0

Apps-based activities for communicating and understanding statistics

r-acswr 1.0

Companion package for the book "A Course in Statistics with R"

r-biotmle 1.26.0

Targeted learning with moderated statistics for biomarker discovery

r-desctools 0.99.54

Tools for Descriptive Statistics

r-libcoin 1.0-10

Linear test statistics for permutation inference

r-maxstat 0.7-25

Maximally selected rank statistics

r-mosaic 1.9.1

Mathematics, statistics, and computation teaching utilities

r-multtest 2.58.0

Resampling-based multiple hypothesis testing

r-orddom 3.1

Ordinal dominance statistics

r-robustbase 0.99-2

Basic robust statistics

r-snpmaxsel 1.0-3

Maximally selected statistics for SNP data

r-tidyposterior 1.0.1

Bayesian analysis to compare models using resampling statistics

ruby-code-statistics 0.2.13

Port of the rails 'rake stats' method

rust-average 0.10.4

Calculate statistics iteratively

rust-average 0.13.1

Calculate statistics iteratively

rust-average 0.9.4

Calculate statistics iteratively

rust-criterion 0.2.11

Statistics-driven micro-benchmarking library

rust-criterion 0.3.6

Statistics-driven micro-benchmarking library

rust-criterion 0.4.0

Statistics-driven micro-benchmarking library

rust-criterion 0.5.1

Statistics-driven micro-benchmarking library

rust-statistical 1.0.0

Simple Rust statistics library

rust-streaming-stats 0.2.3

Compute basic statistics on streams

sbcl-quicklisp-stats 0.0.1-0.953b45c

Fetches and operates on Quicklisp download statistics

turbostat 6.6.18

Report x86 processor frequency and idle statistics

datamash 1.8

Scriptable statistics and data calculation

dstat 0.7.4

Versatile resource statistics tool

go-github-com-stathat-go 0.0.0-0.74669b9

Post statistics to StatHat

julia-statsapi 1.0.0

Statistics-focused namespace for packages to share functions

kactivities-stats 5.114.0

Access usage statistics collected by the activity manager

libsysstat 0.4.6

Library used to query system info and statistics

perl-test-harness 3.42

Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics

python-pandas 1.5.3

Data structures for data analysis, time series, and statistics

python-pympler 1.0.1

Measure, monitor and analyze memory behavior

r-activity 1.3.4

Animal activity statistics

r-amplican 1.24.0

Automated analysis of CRISPR experiments

r-catools 1.18.2

Various tools including functions for moving window statistics

r-dcv 0.1.1

Conventional cross-validation statistics for climate-growth model

r-doby 4.6.20

Groupwise statistics, LSmeans, linear contrasts, and utilities

r-dvmisc 1.1.4

Faster computation of common statistics and miscellaneous functions

r-energy 1.7-11

Multivariate inference via the energy of data

r-fbasics 4032.96

Metrics for markets and basic statistics

r-fmsb 0.7.6

Functions for medical statistics book with demographic data

r-foreign 0.8-86

Read data stored by other statistics software

r-howmany 0.3-1

Lower bound for the number of correct rejections

r-psych 2.4.1

Procedures for psychological, psychometric, and personality research

r-remacor 0.0.18

Random effects meta-analysis for correlated test statistics

r-rmtstat 0.3.1

Distributions, statistics and tests derived from random matrix theory

r-sjplot 2.8.15

Data visualization for statistics in social science

r-sparsematrixstats 1.14.0

Summary statistics for rows and columns of sparse matrices

r-spdep 1.3-3

Spatial dependence: weighting schemes, statistics and models

r-statcheck 1.5.0

Extract statistics from articles and recompute p-values

texlive-statex 66594

Statistics style

texlive-statex2 66594

Statistics style

texlive-statistik 66594

Store statistics of a document

4ti2 1.6.9

Mathematical tool suite for problems on linear spaces

armadillo 12.4.1

C++ linear algebra library

bmon 4.0

Bandwidth monitor

btrbk 0.32.6

Backup tool for Btrfs subvolumes

cl-alea 1.0

Dice rolling library

cl-mathstats 0.8.2-1.4df38ea

Common Lisp collection of mathematical routines

cl-metering 3.2-0.62dbaa5

Common Lisp code profiling tool

cl-num-utils 0.1-1.97a88cd

Numerical utilities for Common Lisp

collectd 5.12.0

Collect system and application performance metrics periodically

conky 1.19.6

Lightweight system monitor for X

conntrack-tools 1.4.7

Set of tools targeting the conntrack kernel subsystem

corosync 3.1.8

Group communication system for implementing High Availability in applications

csvkit 1.1.1

Command-line tools for working with CSV

ecl-alea 1.0

Dice rolling library

ecl-cl-mathstats 0.8.2-1.4df38ea

Common Lisp collection of mathematical routines

ecl-cl-num-utils 0.1-1.97a88cd

Numerical utilities for Common Lisp

ecl-metering 3.2-0.62dbaa5

Common Lisp code profiling tool