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GNU Guix provides 21,802 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated June 2, 2023).

multiqc 1.14

Aggregate bioinformatics analysis reports

rust-bio 0.32.0

Bioinformatics library for Rust

rust-bio 0.33.0

Bioinformatics library for Rust

rust-bio 0.39.2

Bioinformatics library for Rust

rust-bio 0.41.0

Bioinformatics library for Rust

avogadrolibs 1.93.0

Libraries for chemistry, bioinformatics, and related areas

bioparser 3.0.13

C++ library for parsing several formats in bioinformatics

bioruby 1.5.2

Ruby library, shell and utilities for bioinformatics

biosoup 0.10.0

C++ support library for bioinformatics tools

bpp-core 2.4.1

C++ libraries for Bioinformatics

bppsuite 2.4.1

Bioinformatics tools written with the Bio++ libraries

go-github-com-biogo-biogo 1.0.4

Bioinformatics library for Go

kentutils 302.0.0

Assorted bioinformatics utilities

python-scikit-bio 0.5.7

Data structures, algorithms and educational resources for bioinformatics

bandage 0.8.1

Bioinformatics Application for Navigating De novo Assembly Graphs Easily

bioawk 1.0

AWK with bioinformatics extensions

bioperl-minimal 1.7.0

Bioinformatics toolkit

libmaus2 2.0.786

Collection of data structures and algorithms useful for bioinformatics

python-biopython 1.73

Tools for biological computation in Python

python-biopython 1.80

Tools for biological computation in Python

r-biobroom 1.32.0

Turn Bioconductor objects into tidy data frames

r-biocgraph 1.62.0

Graph examples and use cases in Bioinformatics

armadillo 9.100.5

C++ linear algebra library

avogadro2 1.93.0

Advanced molecule editor

bio-locus 0.0.7

Tool for fast querying of genome locations

bpp-phyl 2.4.1

Bio++ phylogenetic library

bpp-popgen 2.4.1

Bio++ population genetics library

bpp-seq 2.4.1

Bio++ sequence library

cwltool 3.1.20220119140128

Common Workflow Language reference implementation

graphviz 7.0.1

Graph visualization software

graphviz-minimal 7.0.1

Graph visualization software (without X11 support)

java-biojava-core 4.0.0

Core libraries of Java framework for processing biological data

java-biojava-core 4.2.11

Core libraries of Java framework for processing biological data

perl-czplib 1.0.5

Library for genomic analysis

prinseq 0.20.4

Preprocess sequence data in FASTA or FASTQ formats

r-arrayexpress 1.60.0

Building R objects from ArrayExpress datasets

r-biobtreer 1.12.0

Use biobtree tool from R

r-bseqsc 1.0-1.fef3f3e

Deconvolution of bulk sequencing experiments using single cell data

r-demultiplex2 1.0.0-1.e42bc83

Robust sample demultiplexing for scRNA-seq

r-gosemsim 2.26.0

GO-terms semantic similarity measures

r-refgenome 1.7.7

Gene and splice site annotation using annotation data from Ensembl and UCSC

r-ripseeker 1.26.0

Identifying protein-associated transcripts from RIP-seq experiments

r-snapatac 2.0

Single nucleus analysis package for ATAC-Seq

r-webbioc 1.72.0

Bioconductor web interface

seqan 1.4.2

Library for nucleotide sequence analysis

seqan 2.4.0

Library for nucleotide sequence analysis

seqan 3.0.3

Library for nucleotide sequence analysis

smithlab-cpp 0.1.728a097

C++ helper library for functions used in Smith lab projects