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GNU Guix provides 21,797 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated May 30, 2023).

drawing 1.0.2

Basic image editor for GNOME

rust-line-drawing 0.7.0

Collection of line-drawing algorithms

texlive-latex-eepic 59745

Extensions to epic and the LaTeX drawing tools

drawpile 2.1.17-1.ed1a75deb

Collaborative drawing program

python-grandalf 0.7

Graph and drawing algorithms framework

tuxpaint 0.9.23

Drawing software for children

ktuberling 22.04.3

Stamp drawing toy

libart-lgpl 2.3.21

2D drawing library

r-ellipse 0.4.5

Functions for drawing ellipses and ellipse-like confidence regions

r-survminer 0.4.9

Drawing survival curves using ggplot2

rust-andrew 0.2.1

Provides convenient drawing of objects to buffers

rust-andrew 0.3.1

Provides convenient drawing of objects to buffers

rust-plotters 0.3.1

Rust drawing library focus on data plotting

wld 0-1.6586736

Primitive drawing library for Wayland

xfig 3.2.8b

Interactive drawing tool

font-spleen 1.9.3

Monospaced bitmap font for consoles and terminals

libvdpau-va-gl 0.4.2

VDPAU driver with VA-API/OpenGL backend

nanovg-for-extempore 0.7.1-0.3c60175

2D vector drawing library on top of OpenGL

ocaml-graphics 5.1.2

The OCaml graphics library

qelectrotech 0.9.0

CAD/CAE editor focusing on schematics drawing features

r-ggseqlogo 0.1

ggplot2 extension for drawing genetic sequence logos

rust-ascii-canvas 2.0.0

Simple canvas for drawing lines and styled text and emitting to the terminal


Game programming library

allegro 5.0.11

Game programming library


Game programming library

asymptote 2.85

Script-based vector graphics language

cl-trivial-main-thread 1.0.0-1.25f1149

Compatibility library to run things in the main thread

dot2tex 2.11.3

Graphviz to LaTeX converter

ecl-trivial-main-thread 1.0.0-1.25f1149

Compatibility library to run things in the main thread

emacs-fill-column-indicator 1.90

Graphically indicate the fill column

font-apl2741-unicode 1668049300

APL2741 Unicode font

ftxui 4.0.0

C++ Functional Terminal User Interface

gcompris 17.05

Educational software suite


Core libraries for diagrams embedded domain-specific language

go-github-com-gizak-termui 3.1.0

Terminal dashboard widget Go library

goocanvas 2.0.4

Canvas widget for GTK+

gpaint 0.3.4

Simple paint program for GNOME

grafx2 2.4

Bitmap paint program

graphene 1.10.6

Thin layer of graphic data types

guile2.2-charting 0.2.0-1.75f755b

Create charts and graphs in Guile

guile-charting 0.2.0-1.75f755b

Create charts and graphs in Guile

libepubgen 0.1.1

EPUB generator library for librevenge

libgff 2.0.0

Parser library for reading/writing GFF files

libkate 0.4.1

Karaoke and text codec for embedding in ogg


Office suite

libspiro 20200505

Clothoid to bezier conversion library

marco 1.24.1

Window manager for the MATE desktop

mypaint 2.0.1

Fast and simple painting app for artists

newick-utils 1.6-1.da121155

Programs for working with newick format phylogenetic trees

pencil2d 0.6.6

Make 2D hand-drawn animations

perl-math-bezier 0.01

Solution of bezier curves

python-cartopy 0.21.1

Cartographic library for visualisation

python-easy-ansi 0.3

Terminal framework API

python-invoke 1.6.0

Pythonic task execution

r-cairo 1.6-0

R graphics device using Cairo graphics library

r-calibrate 1.7.7

Calibration of scatterplot and biplot axes

r-cli 3.6.1

Helpers for developing command line interfaces

r-depth 2.1-1.1

Nonparametric depth functions for multivariate analysis

r-desctools 0.99.48

Tools for Descriptive Statistics

r-ggvis 0.4.8

Interactive grammar of graphics

r-grimport 0.9-7

Convert, import, and draw PostScript pictures

r-grimport2 0.2-0

Import SVG graphics

r-idpmisc 1.1.20

Functions for data analyses and visualization

r-ragg 1.2.5

Graphic devices based on AGG

r-sampling 2.9

Survey sampling

r-semplot 1.1.6

Unified visualizations of structural equation models

sbcl-trivial-main-thread 1.0.0-1.25f1149

Compatibility library to run things in the main thread

sdl2-gfx 1.0.4

SDL graphics primitives library

sdl-gfx 2.0.26

SDL graphics primitives library

skia 98-0.55c56ab

2D graphics library

slop 7.6

Select a region and print its bounds to stdout

solvespace 3.1

Parametric 2D/3D CAD (computer-aided design) software

st 0.8.5

Simple terminal emulator


St terminal emulator for the Simple X Mobile PinePhone environment

texlive-latex-psfrag 59745

Replace strings in encapsulated PostScript figures

texlive-pgfgantt 59745

Draw Gantt charts with TikZ

texlive-pstricks 59745

PostScript macros for TeX

xournalpp 1.1.3

Handwriting notetaking software with PDF annotation support

xvkbd 4.1

Virtual computer keyboard for the X Window System

ztoolkit 0.1.2

GUI toolkit for LV2 plugins

ztoolkit-rsvg 0.1.2

ZToolkit with SVG support