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GNU Guix provides 27,791 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated April 13, 2024).

r-paws-management 0.5.0

Amazon Web Services management and governance services

r-paws-cost-management 0.5.0

Amazon Web Services cost management services

efitools 1.9.2

EFI tools (key management, variable management)

ganeti 3.0.2

Cluster-based virtual machine management system

ruby-taskjuggler 3.7.1

Project management command line tool with a domain specific language

slurm-drmaa 1.1.3

Distributed resource management application API for SLURM

go-github-com-apparentlymart-go-openvpn-mgmt 0.0.0-0.4d2ce95

Go client library for OpenVPN's management protocol

libseat 0.7.0

Seat management library

non-session-manager 1.9.5-5.257ec59

Audio session management

ryzen-smu 0.1.5

System Management Unit driver for AMD Ryzen processors

texlive-pdfmanagement-testphase 66594

LaTeX PDF management testphase bundle

abduco 0.6

Session management in a clean and simple way

cl-authentic 0.1.2-2.4e9194d

User/password management for Common Lisp applications

cl-garbage-pools 0.1.2-1.9a7cb7f

Resource management pools for Common Lisp

docker 20.10.27

Container component library and daemon

duckdb 0.9.2

In-process SQL OLAP database management system

dvtm 0.15

Tiling window management for the console

ecl-authentic 0.1.2-2.4e9194d

User/password management for Common Lisp applications

ecl-garbage-pools 0.1.2-1.9a7cb7f

Resource management pools for Common Lisp

emacs-window-layout 1.4

Simple window layout management framework for emacs

fossil 2.20

Software configuration management system

freeipmi 1.6.14

Platform management, including sensor and power monitoring


Configuration management

gnome-disk-utility 44.0

Disk management utility for GNOME

gnome-planner 0.14.6

Project management software for the GNOME desktop

gwl 0.5.1

Workflow management extension for GNU Guix

gwl-next 0.5.0-1.706a089

Workflow management extension for GNU Guix

hdf5 1.10.9

Management suite for extremely large and complex data

hdf5 1.14.0

Management suite for extremely large and complex data

hdf5 1.8.23

Management suite for extremely large and complex data

hdf5-parallel-openmpi 1.10.9

Management suite for data with parallel IO support

hyperledger-iroha 1.1.1

Simple, decentralized ledger

intelmetool 4.7

Intel Management Engine tools

irods 4.2.8

Data management software

irods-client-icommands 4.2.8

Data management software

java-eclipse-core-resources 3.13.200

Eclipse core resource management

java-eclipse-jetty-jmx 9.2.22

Jetty :: JMX Management

java-eclipse-jetty-jmx 9.4.39

Jetty :: JMX Management

java-xerial-core 2.1

Data management libraries for Java

kaccounts-integration 23.04.3

Online account management system

kokkos 4.2.01

C++ abstractions for parallel execution and data management

kscreen 5.27.7

Screen management software

lcms 2.13.1

Little CMS, a small-footprint colour management engine

libepoxy 1.5.10

Library for handling OpenGL function pointer management

libfm 1.3.2

File management support (core library)

libfm-extra 1.3.2

File management support (extra library)

libkscreen 5.27.7

KDE's screen management software

libsm 1.2.3

Xorg Session Management library

libxcursor 1.2.1

Xorg Cursor management library

lvm2 2.03.22

Logical volume management for Linux

lvm2-static 2.03.22

Logical volume management for Linux (statically linked)

lxqt-powermanagement 1.3.0

Power management module for LXQt

maven-file-management 3.0.0

Tree-based API for resolution of Maven project dependencies

net-snmp 5.9.4

Simple Network Management Protocol library and tools

opencolorio 2.3.2

Color management for visual effects and animation

openmolar 1.1.6-g81838c85

Dental practice management software

packagekit 1.2.5

API for package management, through D-Bus

perl-scope-guard 0.21

Lexically-scoped resource management

plasma-pa 5.27.7

Plasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio

poetry 1.1.12

Python dependency management and packaging made easy

python-cobib 3.5.2

Terminal-based bibliography management tool

python-cymem 2.0.6

Cython memory pool for RAII-style memory management

python-django-assets 2.0

Asset management for Django

python-django-extensions 3.0.6

Custom management extensions for Django

python-flask-login 0.6.0

User session management for Flask

python-flask-principal 0.4.0

Identity management for Flask

python-harmony 0.7.1

Discord account management

python-pywinrm 0.4.1

Python library for Windows Remote Management (WinRM)

r-acrm 0.1.1

Convenience functions for analytical customer relationship management

r-futile-options 1.0.1

Options management framework

r-golem 0.4.1

Framework for robust Shiny applications


Management of survey data and presentation of analysis results

r-seqarray 1.42.4

Data management of large-scale whole-genome sequence variant calls

ruby-rack-session 1.0.1

Session management for Rack

rust-diesel-migrations 1.4.0

Migration management for diesel

rust-linux-keyutils 0.2.3

Rust interface to the Linux key-management facility

rust-state 0.4.2

Library for safe global and thread-local state management

rust-state 0.5.3

Library for safe global and thread-local state management

rust-tokio-process 0.2.5

Asynchronous process management backed futures

sbcl-authentic 0.1.2-2.4e9194d

User/password management for Common Lisp applications

sbcl-garbage-pools 0.1.2-1.9a7cb7f

Resource management pools for Common Lisp

seatd 0.7.0

Seat management daemon

sqitch 1.1.0

Database change management tool

swayidle 1.8.0

Idle management daemon for Wayland compositors

texlive-estcpmm 66594

Style for Munitions Management Project Reports

texlive-fig4latex 66594

Management of figures for large LaTeX documents

texlive-gsemthesis 66594

Geneva School of Economics and Management PhD thesis format

texlive-jslectureplanner 66594

Creation and management of university course material

texlive-studenthandouts 66594

Management and styling of student handout projects

tissue 0.1.0

Text based project information management system

tlp 1.5.0

Power management tool for Linux

tuxguitar 1.5.5

Multitrack tablature editor and player

batctl 2021.4

Management tool for the mesh networking BATMAN protocol

bedops 2.4.41

Tools for high-performance genomic feature operations

cachefilesd 0.10.10

CacheFiles userspace management daemon

cachefilesd-inotify 0.11.0

CacheFiles file system cache management daemon (using `inotify')

calibre 5.44.0

E-book library management software

cl-glop 0.1.0-1.45e722a

Direct FFI bindings for OpenGL window and context management

cl-shadow 0.0.0-1.b2031ad

Management system for OpenGL shader programs

colord 1.4.6

Color management service