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GNU Guix provides 26,841 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated December 8, 2023).

r-word2vec 0.4.0

Distributed representations of words

ruby-text-hyphen 1.5.0

Ruby library to hyphenate words in various languages

texlive-crossword 66594

Typeset crossword puzzles

texlive-fwlw 66594

Get first and last words of a page

texlive-itnumpar 66594

Spell numbers in words (Italian)

texlive-optexcount 66594

Python script for counting words in OpTeX documents

cl-inflector 0.2-1.f1ab169

Library to pluralize/singularize English and Portuguese words

dataparksearch 4.54-0.8efa28f

Feature rich search engine

ecl-cl-inflector 0.2-1.f1ab169

Library to pluralize/singularize English and Portuguese words

emacs-flyspell-correct 0.6.1

Correcting words with flyspell via custom interfaces

emacs-inflections 2.6

Convert english words between singular and plural


Translate between binary data and a human-readable collection of words

ghc-random-bytestring 0.1.4

Efficient generation of random bytestrings

ghc-text-short 0.1.5

Memory-efficient representation of Unicode text strings

go-github-com-client9-misspell 0.3.4

Correct commonly misspelled English words in source files

misspell 0.3.4

Correct commonly misspelled English words in source files

perl-lingua-stem 0.84

Stemming of words in various languages

r-doc2vec 0.2.0

Distributed representations of sentences, documents and topics

r-tokenizers 0.3.0

Fast, consistent tokenization of natural language text

rust-inflections 1.1.1

Inflection transformation library for changing properties of words

rust-shell-words 0.1.0

Process command line according to parsing rules of UNIX shell

rust-shell-words 1.1.0

Process command line according to parsing rules of UNIX shell

rust-shlex 0.1.1

Split a string into shell words, like Python's shlex

rust-shlex 1.1.0

Split a string into shell words, like Python's shlex

sbcl-cl-inflector 0.2-1.f1ab169

Library to pluralize/singularize English and Portuguese words

texlive-fnumprint 66594

Print a number in ``appropriate'' format

texlive-foreign 66594

Systematic treatment of foreign words in documents

texlive-luavlna 66594

Prevent line breaks after single letter words, units, or academic titles

texlive-serbian-apostrophe 66594

Commands for Serbian words with apostrophes

texlive-texcount 66594

Count words in a LaTeX document

texlive-wordcount 66594

Estimate the number of words in a LaTeX document

anthy 9100h

Japanese input method

emacs-jit-spell 0.3

Just-in-time spell checking

emacs-lexic 0-0.f9b3de4

Find out more about words using Stardict dictionaries

emacs-rotate-text 0.1

Cycle through words, symbols and patterns in Emacs

emacs-spell-fu 0.3-1.67a26b7

Fast highlighting of misspelled words

emacs-typing 1.1.4-0.a2ef25d

Emacs game where you have to type fast

emacs-typit 0.3.0

Typing game for Emacs with two difficulties

emacs-wc-mode 1.4.1

Running word count with goals (minor mode)

gnome-dictionary 40.0

Look up words in dictionary sources

go-github-com-mattn-go-shellwords 1.0.5-1.2444a32

Parse lines into shell words

papagayo 2.0b1-1.e143684b3

Lip-syncing for animations

perl-lingua-en-inflect 1.903

Convert singular to plural

perl-lingua-en-inflect-number 1.12

Force number of words to singular or plural

texlive-copyedit 66594

Copyediting support for LaTeX documents

texlive-eemeir 66594

Adjust the gender of words in a document

texlive-engpron 66594

Helps to type the pronunciation of English words

texlive-findhyph 66594

Find hyphenated words in a document

texlive-mfirstuc 66594

Uppercase the first letter of a word

texlive-songbook 66594

Package for typesetting song lyrics and chord books

texlive-songs 66594

Produce song books for church or fellowship

texlive-spacekern 66594

Kerning between words and against space

texlive-titlecaps 66594

Setting rich-text input into titling caps

texlive-translator 66594

Easy translation of strings in LaTeX

texlive-xeindex 66594

Automatic index generation for XeLaTeX

texlive-xesearch 66594

String finder for XeTeX

xfce4-dict 0.8.5

Dictionary of Xfce desktop

apertium 3.5.2

Rule based machine translation system

bash-ctypes 1.2

Foreign function interface for Bash

book-faif 2.0

Free as in Freedom (2.0)

bool 0.2.2

Finding text and HTML files that match boolean expressions

bsd-games 2.17.0

Collection of the old text-based games and amusements

cl-uax-14 1.0.0-1.0432162

Unicode Standard Annex #14 for standardised line breaking


Compare two PDF files

djview 4.12

Viewer for the DjVu image format

ecl-uax-14 1.0.0-1.0432162

Unicode Standard Annex #14 for standardised line breaking

emacs-avy 0.5.0

Tree-based completion for Emacs

emacs-drag-stuff 0.3.0

Drag stuff around in Emacs

emacs-jinx 0.9

Emacs Enchanted Spell Checker

emacs-pyim-basedict 0.5.4

Input method dictionary of pyim

emacs-sdcv 1.5.2-0.943ae3e

Emacs interface for `sdcv'

emacs-smart-hungry-delete 0.1

Smart hungry deletion of whitespace

emacs-wordgen 0.1.4

Random word generator

emacs-writegood-mode 2.2.0

Polish up poor writing on the fly

file 5.44

File type guesser

freetalk 4.2

Extensible console-based Jabber client

fzy 1.0

Fast fuzzy text selector for the terminal with an advanced scoring algorithm


Interval map structure in Haskell

go-github-com-mitchellh-go-wordwrap 1.0.1

Go library for word-wrapping strings

go-gitlab-com-ambrevar-damerau 0.0.0-0.883829e

Damerau-Levenshtein distance for Golang

gotypist 0.0.0-0.03f8618

Simple typing trainer for text terminals

gtkspell3 3.0.10

Spell-checking addon for GTK's TextView widget

jo 1.9

Output JSON from a shell

link-grammar 5.7.0

Link grammar parser

lttoolbox 3.5.4

Lexical processing toolbox

motion 4.5.1

Detect motion from video signals

mythes 1.2.5


numactl 2.0.16

Tools for non-uniform memory access (NUMA) machines

perl-crypt-randpasswd 0.06

Random password generator

perl-lingua-en-number-isordinal 0.05

Detect if English number is ordinal or cardinal

perl-lingua-en-tagger 0.30

Part-of-speech tagger for English natural language processing

perl-pod-spell 1.25

Formatter for spellchecking Pod

perl-text-wrapi18n 0.06

Line wrapping for multibyte, fullwidth, combining characters and so on

presage 0.9.1

Intelligent Predictive Text Entry System

python-bip39 0.0.2

Self-contained and simple BIP39 implementation in Python

python-codespell 2.2.5

Spellchecker for code

python-diceware 0.9.6

Generates memorable passphrases

python-django-appconf 1.0.4

Handle configuration defaults of packaged Django apps

python-editables 0.3

Editable installations

python-inflect 6.0.4

Correctly generate plurals, singular nouns, ordinals, indefinite articles