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GNU Guix provides 26,448 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated October 3, 2023).

emacs-2048-game 20151026.1233

Implementation of the game 2048 in Emacs Lisp

bennu-game-development-modules 353

Modules for the Bennu Game Development programming language

bennu-game-development 353

Programming language to create games

sameboy 0.15.8

Accurate Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy emulator

lierolibre 0.5

Old-school earthworm action game

exult 1.8

Role-playing game engine compatible with Ultima VII

bsd-games 2.17.0

Collection of the old text-based games and amusements

extremetuxracer 0.8.2

High-speed arctic racing game based on Tux Racer

freedoom 0.12.1

Free content game based on the Doom engine

higan 110

Multi-system emulator

knavalbattle 23.04.3

Battleship board game with built-in game server

mgba 0.10.2

Game Boy Advance emulator

python-sge 2.0.post0

2D game engine for Python

rgbds 0.5.2

Rednex Game Boy Development System

flare-game 1.14

Fantasy action RPG using the FLARE engine

barony 3.3.7

3D first-person roguelike game

bomber 23.04.3

Arcade bombing game

emulation-station 2.0.1-1.9cc42ad

Video game console emulator front-end

enigma 1.21

Puzzle game with a dexterity component

foobillard++ 3.43-r170

3D billiard game

gnubik 2.4.3

3d Rubik's cube game

gnugo 3.8

Play the game of Go

guile-chickadee 0.10.0

Game development toolkit for Guile Scheme with SDL2 and OpenGL

harmonist 0.4.1

Stealth coffee-break roguelike game

julius 1.7.0

Re-implementation of Caesar III game engine

kigo 23.04.3

Go board game

ksirk 23.04.3

Computerized version of the well known strategy board game 'Risk'

kubrick 23.04.3

Game based on Rubik's Cube

libgme 0.6.3

Video game music file playback library

nethack 3.6.7

Classic dungeon crawl game

texlive-istgame 66594

Draw game trees with TikZ

warsow-qfusion 2.5-1.c4de15d

Warsow's fork of qfusion, the id Tech 2 derived game engine

0ad 0.0.26-alpha

3D real-time strategy game of ancient warfare

adanaxisgpl 1.2.5

Action game in four spatial dimensions

alienblaster 1.1.0

Action-loaded 2D arcade shooter game

arx-libertatis 1.2.1

Port of Arx Fatalis, a first-person role-playing game

augustus 3.2.0

Re-implementation of Caesar III game engine with gameplay changes

bovo 23.04.3

Classic pen and paper game: five in a line

cl-trial 1.2.0-2.db4e98e

Common Lisp game engine

cl-virality 0.3.0-1.cdc19cc

Component-based game engine written in Common Lisp

corsix-th 0.67

Implementation of the Theme Hospital game engine

einstein 2.0

Logic puzzle game

emacs-typing 1.1.4-0.a2ef25d

Emacs game where you have to type fast

falltergeist 0.3.1

Fallout 2 game engine

fheroes2 1.0.5

Turn-based strategy game engine

fillets-ng 1.0.1

Puzzle game

freeciv 3.0.8

Turn-based empire building strategy game

freedroidrpg 1.0

Isometric role-playing game against killer robots


Turn-based space empire and galactic conquest computer game

freerct 0.1

Theme park management simulation game

gnome-mahjongg 3.38.3-0.e9e73e5

Mahjongg tile-matching game

gnujump 1.0.8

Game of jumping to the next floor, trying not to fall

hyperrogue 12.1a

Non-euclidean graphical rogue-like game

kajongg 23.04.3

Classical Mah Jongg game for 4 players

kblocks 23.04.3

Single player falling blocks puzzle game

kbounce 23.04.3

Jezzball arcade game

kgoldrunner 23.04.3

Action and puzzle solving game

klines 23.04.3

Place 5 equal pieces together, but wait, there are 3 new ones

kmines 23.04.3

Classical mine sweeper game

knights 025

Multiplayer dungeon game involving knights and quests

kolf 23.04.3

Miniature golf game

kollision 23.04.3

Simple ball dodging game

ksudoku 23.04.3

Sudoku puzzle game and solver

lskat 23.04.3

Lieutnant Skat card game

minetest 5.7.0

Infinite-world block sandbox game

motti 3.1.1

Multiplayer strategy game

mrrescue 1.02e

Arcade-style fire fighting game

obs-vkcapture 1.3.0

OBS plugin for Vulkan/OpenGL game capture on Linux

openclonk 8.1

Multiplayer action game where you control small and nimble humanoids

openttd 13.4

Transportation economics simulator game

passage 4

Memento mori game

pioneer 20220203

Game of lonely space adventure

raincat 1.2.1

Puzzle game with a cat in lead role

sbcl-trial 1.2.0-2.db4e98e

Common Lisp game engine

sbcl-virality 0.3.0-1.cdc19cc

Component-based game engine written in Common Lisp

superfamiconv 0.8.8

Tile graphics converter supporting SNES, Game Boy Color and PC Engine formats

teeworlds 0.7.5

2D retro multiplayer shooter game

tuxmath 2.0.3

Educational math tutorial game

vcmi 1.3.2

Turn-based strategy game engine

7kaa 2.15.6

Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries: real-time strategy game

abbaye 2.0.1

GNU/Linux port of the indie game "l'Abbaye des Morts"

abe 1.1

Scrolling, platform-jumping, ancient pyramid exploring game


Game programming library

allegro 5.0.11

Game programming library


Game programming library

anarch 1.1d-1.2d78d0c

Public domain 90s-style shooter game

apricots 0.2.7

Arcade airplane game


Tron clone in 3D

barrage 1.0.7

Violent point-and-click shooting game with nice effects

bastet 0.43.2

Antagonistic Tetris-style falling brick game for text terminals

blobwars 2.00

Platform action game featuring a blob with a lot of weapons

btanks 0.9.8083

Multiplayer tank battle game

bzflag 2.4.26

3D first person tank battle game

cdogs-sdl 1.5.0

Classic overhead run-and-gun game

chroma 1.20

Abstract puzzle game

cl-liballegro 0.2.15-1.49f632c

Allegro 5 game programming library bindings for Common Lisp

cl-speechless 1.0.0-1.50e9b03

Dialogue system language implementation

cockatrice 2.8.0

Tabletop card game simulator

colobot 0.2.0-alpha

Educational programming strategy game

curseofwar 1.3.0

Fast-paced action strategy game