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GNU Guix provides 21,798 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated May 31, 2023).

cl-maiden 3.1.0-1.164e8df

Modern and extensible chat bot framework

sbcl-maiden 3.1.0-1.164e8df

Modern and extensible chat bot framework

lchat 0.0.0-4.e3b64e6

Line chat is a frontend for the irc client ii from suckless

weechat 3.8

Extensible chat client

chathistorysync 0.2.0

Synchronization tool for IRC chat history

emacs-rocket-chat 0.0.0-1.96fe27a

Emacs client

konversation 22.04.3

Graphical Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE

mumble 1.4.287

Low-latency, high quality voice chat software

ngircd 26.1

Lightweight Internet Relay Chat server for small networks

kirc 0.3.2

IRC client written in POSIX C99

kopete 22.04.3

Instant messaging and chat application

qtox 1.17.6

Tox chat client using Qt

toxic 0.8.4

Tox chat client using ncurses

ytalk 3.3.0

Multi-user chat program

chatty 0.6.7

Mobile client for XMPP and SMS messaging

dino 0.4.2

Graphical Jabber/XMPP Client using GTK+/Vala

drawpile 2.1.17-1.ed1a75deb

Collaborative drawing program

emacs-erc-status-sidebar 0.1-1.ea4189a

Hexchat-like activity overview for ERC channels

emacs-matrix-client 0.0.0-6.d2ac552

Matrix client for Emacs

freetalk 4.2

Extensible console-based Jabber client

frotz-dumb-terminal 2.44

Portable Z-machine dumb interpreter for text adventure games

gajim 1.4.7

Fully-featured XMPP client

gnome-shell-extension-topicons-redux 6

Display legacy tray icons in the GNOME Shell top panel

gobby 0.4.13

Collaborative editor

gobby 0.6.0

Collaborative editor

guile-irc 0.3.0-1.7d08ce6

IRC library for Guile

hscolour 1.24.4

Script to colourise Haskell code

icedove 102.11.2

Rebranded Mozilla Thunderbird email client

icedove-minimal 102.11.2

Rebranded Mozilla Thunderbird email client

icedove-wayland 102.11.2

Rebranded Mozilla Thunderbird email client

inspircd 3.12.0

Modular IRC server written in C++

irssi 1.4.4

Extensible terminal-based IRC client

jami 20230323.0

Qt Jami client

jami-docs 0.0.0-1.ff466eb

Documentation for Jami

kaidan 0.8.0

Qt-based XMPP/Jabber Client

kbdd 0.7.1

Per-window keyboard layout switching daemon for X

libjami 20230323.0

Jami core library and daemon

linuxdcpp 1.1.0

Direct Connect client

matterbridge 1.25.2

Bridge together various messaging networks and protocols

mcabber 1.1.2

Small XMPP console client

movim-desktop 0.14.0-3.83d583b

Desktop Application for Movim

nheko 0.11.3

Desktop client for Matrix using Qt and C++14

onionshare 2.6

Securely and anonymously share files

onionshare-cli 2.6

Securely and anonymously share files

perl-net-psyc 1.3

Perl implementation of PSYC protocol

pidgin 2.14.5

Graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client

polari 42.1

Simple IRC Client

powwow 1.2.23

MUD and telnet client

r-zoomgroupstats 0.1.0

Analyze text, audio, and video from Zoom meetings

tintin++ 2.02.12

MUD client

utox 0.18.1

Lightweight Tox client