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GNU Guix provides 20,745 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated February 1, 2023).

font-termsyn 1.8.7

Monospaced font based on terminus and tamsyn

font-bravura 1.393

OpenType music font and SMuFL reference implementation

font-libertinus 7.040

Font family based on Linux Libertine

font-tamzen 1.11.5

Monospaced bitmap font for console and X11

font-terminus 4.49.1

Simple bitmap programming font

font-artifika 1.102

Upright italic font

font-awesome 4.7.0

Font that contains a rich iconset

font-cozette 1.13.0

Bitmap programming font

font-dejavu 2.37

Vera font family derivate with additional characters

font-go 20170330-1.f03a046

The Go font family

font-hermit 2.0

Monospace font

font-inconsolata 3.000

Monospace font

font-juliamono 0.043

Monospaced font for programming

font-opendyslexic 0.91.12

Font for dyslexics and high readability

font-openmoji 13.1.0

Font for rendering emoji characters

font-rachana 7.0.3

Malayalam font

font-util 1.3.3

Xorg font utilities

cl-font-discovery 1.0.0-1.5101ca7

Find system font files matching a font spec

ecl-font-discovery 1.0.0-1.5101ca7

Find system font files matching a font spec

font-wqy-microhei 0.2.0-beta

CJK font

font-wqy-zenhei 0.9.45

CJK font

sbcl-font-discovery 1.0.0-1.5101ca7

Find system font files matching a font spec

emacs-font-lock-studio 0.0.7-1.12c3596

Interactive debugger for Font Lock keywords

font-fantasque-sans 1.8.0

Font family with a monospaced variant for programmers

font-fira-code 6.2

Monospaced font with programming ligatures

font-gfs-ambrosia 20080624

GFS Ambrosia, a Greek majuscule font family

font-gnu-unifont 15.0.01

Large bitmap font covering Unicode's Basic Multilingual Plane

font-meera-inimai 2.0

Meera Inimai Tamil font

python-afdko 3.9.1

Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType

font-alias 1.0.4

Xorg font aliases

font-mononoki 1.3

Font for programming and code review

font-montserrat 7.222

The Montserrat font

font-overpass 3.0.5

Sans serif font family inspired by Highway Gothic

font-arabic-misc 1.0.3

Xorg arabic-misc font

font-cns11643-swjz 1

TrueType seal script font

font-comic-neue 2.51

Font that fixes the shortcomings of Comic Sans

font-cronyx-cyrillic 1.0.3

Xorg cronyx-cyrillic font

font-dec-misc 1.0.3

Xorg dec-misc font

font-fira-go 1.000

Multilingual extension of the Fira Sans font family

font-isas-misc 1.0.3

Xorg isas-misc font

font-micro-misc 1.0.3

Xorg micro-misc font

font-sarasa-gothic 0.39.0

CJK programming font based on Iosevka and Source Han Sans

font-sil-andika 5.000

Sans serif font designed especially for literacy use

font-sil-charis 5.000

Serif font for the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets

font-sil-gentium 5.000

Serif font for the Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin alphabets

font-victor-mono 1.5.3

Font with support for italics and ligatures

font-winitzki-cyrillic 1.0.3

Xorg winitzki-cyrillic font

font-xfree86-type1 1.0.4

Xorg xfree86-type1 font

perl-font-ttf 1.06

TTF font support for Perl

rust-font-kit 0.10.1

Font loading library

font-fontna-yasashisa-antique 0

Mix font of gothic kanji and minchou kana

font-google-noto-emoji 2.038

Font for rendering color emoji characters

font-borg-sans-mono 0.3.3

The Borg Sans Mono font

font-ipa-mj-mincho 006.01

Japanese font from the Information-technology Promotion Agency

font-amiri 0.117

Body text Naskh typeface

font-carlito 0.0.0-0.64cab86

Free alternative to Calibri

font-charter 2.0.0-210112

Charter fonts in OpenType and TrueType formats

font-dseg 0.46

DSEG: 7-segment and 14-segment fonts

font-ghostscript 8.11

Free replacements for the PostScript fonts

font-iosevka 16.4.0

Coders' typeface, built from code

font-liberation 2.1.5

Fonts compatible with Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New

font-lohit 20140220

Lohit TrueType Indic fonts

font-plemoljp 1.2.7

Plex Mono Language JP

font-abattis-cantarell 0.303

Cantarell sans-serif typeface

font-google-roboto 2.136

The Roboto family of fonts

font-ipa-ex 004.01

Japanese font from the Information-technology Promotion Agency

font-mplus-testflight 063a

Japanese font collection

texlive-mflogo-font 59745

Metafont logo font

texlive-fonts-mflogo-font 59745

Metafont logo font

libxfont 1.5.4

Xorg Font handling library

libxfont 2.0.4

Xorg Font handling library

texlive-latex-psnfss 59745

Font support for common PostScript fonts

texlive-mweights 59745

Support for multiple-weight font packages

texlive-psnfss 59745

Font support for common PostScript fonts

font-atui-feather 0-1.c51fe7c

Iconfont version of Feather

font-fira-mono 3.206

Monospace cut of Fira Sans

font-fira-sans 4.203

Humanist sans-serif with numerous weights emphasizing legibility

font-ibm-plex 6.1.1

IBM Plex typeface

font-iosevka-aile 16.4.0

Coders' typeface, built from code

font-iosevka-curly 16.4.0

Coders' typeface, built from code

font-iosevka-etoile 16.4.0

Coders' typeface, built from code

font-iosevka-slab 16.4.0

Coders' typeface, built from code

font-iosevka-term 16.4.0

Coders' typeface, built from code

font-jetbrains-mono 2.242

Mono typeface for developers

font-sil-ezra 2.51

Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) typography inspired typeface

gnome-font-viewer 42.0


font-adobe-source-code-pro 2.032R-ro-1.052R-it-1.012R-VAR

Monospaced font family for user interface and coding environments

font-adobe-source-sans-pro 3.046R

Sans serif font family for user interface environments

font-google-material-design-icons 3.0.1

Icon font of Google Material Design icons

font-adobe100dpi 1.0.3

Xorg adobe-100dpi fonts

font-adobe75dpi 1.0.3

Xorg adobe-75dpi fonts

font-canada1500 1.101

Canadian typeface that supports English, French and Aboriginal languages

font-catamaran 0.0.0-1.7559b49

9 weight Tamil and Latin type

font-cns11643 98.1.20180605

CJK TrueType fonts, TW-Kai and TW-Sung

font-cormorant 3.609

Extravagant display serif typeface in the spirit of Garamond

font-culmus 0.133

TrueType Hebrew Fonts for X11

font-dosis 1.7

Very simple, rounded, sans serif family

font-hack 3.003

Typeface designed for source code

font-lato 2.015

Lato sans-serif typeface

font-linuxlibertine 5.3.0

Serif and sans serif typefaces