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GNU Guix provides 27,553 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated March 2, 2024).

rust-home 0.5.5

Shared definitions of home directories

rust-xdg-home 1.0.0

User home directory per XDG Specification

go-github-com-mitchellh-go-homedir 1.0.0-0.ae18d6b

Go library for detecting and expanding the user's home directory without cgo

liquidprompt 2.1.2

Full-featured prompt for Bash & Zsh

texlive-bookdb 66594

BibTeX style file for cataloguing a home library

vcsh 2.0.5

Version control system for `$HOME'

exomizer 3.1.2

Compressor for use on Commodore home computers

kodi 19.5

Media center for home theater computers

minetest-homedecor-modpack 2022-05-18

Home decor mod for Minetest

perl-file-homedir 1.004

Find your home and other directories on any platform

rygel 0.41.2

Share audio, video, and pictures with other devices

stepmania 5.1.0-b2

Advanced rhythm game designed for both home and arcade use

bubblewrap 0.8.0

Unprivileged sandboxing tool

cgdb 0.8.0

Console front-end to the GNU debugger

dbus 1.14.0

Message bus for inter-process communication (IPC)

edgar 1.36

2d action platformer game

emacs-boon 1.3

Ergonomic command mode for Emacs

emacs-consult-xdg-recent-files 0-0.593023f

Include files used by other programs than Emacs in Consult

emacs-default-encrypt 4.4

Automatically encrypt or sign Gnus messages in Emacs

emacs-extend-smime 3.3

Improved S/MIME support for Gnus in Emacs

emacs-vcsh 0.4.4

Emacs VCSH integration

emacs-with-editor 3.3.2

Emacs library for using Emacsclient as EDITOR

gerbera 1.12.1

UPnP media server


Configuration management


Containers for intervals, with efficient search

ghc-rerebase 1.16.1

Reexports from ``base'' with many other standard libraries

homebank 5.6.6

Graphical personal accounting application

hyperrogue 12.1a

Non-euclidean graphical rogue-like game

libgme 0.6.3

Video game music file playback library

maven-install-plugin 3.0.0-M1

Maven's install plugin

nss-mdns 0.14.1

Multicast DNS Name Service Switch ("NSS") plug-in

pem 0.7.9

Personal expenses manager

perl6-zef 0.6.7

Perl6 Module Management

python-resampy 0.2.2

Efficient signal resampling

rcm 1.3.5

Management suite for dotfiles

reptyr 0.10.0

Tool for reparenting a running program to a new terminal

rewritefs 0.0.0-1.3a56de8

FUSE file system that changes particular file names

rust-shellexpand 2.1.2

Shell-like expansions in strings

rust-shellexpand 3.1.0

Shell-like expansions in strings

snapraid 12.2

Efficient backups using parity snapshots across disk arrays

texlive-dickimaw 66594

Books and tutorials from the _Dickimaw LaTeX Series_

texlive-latex2e-help-texinfo 66594

Unofficial reference manual covering LaTeX2e

texlive-tengwarscript 66594

LaTeX support for using Tengwar fonts

texlive-texosquery 66594

Java application to query OS information

tracker 3.4.2

Metadata database, indexer and search tool

wtime 0.2

Command-line utility for tracking time spent on arbitrary tasks

xfce4-places-plugin 1.8.3

Gnome-like Places menu for the Xfce panel

xkblayout 0.0.0-0.c0851b0

XKB layout template generator