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GNU Guix provides 20438 packages transparently available as pre-built binaries. These pages provide a complete list of the packages. Our continuous integration system shows their current build status (updated December 9, 2022).

kde-frameworkintegration 5.98.0

KDE Frameworks 5 workspace and cross-framework integration plugins

kde-cli-tools 5.25.5

CLI tools for interacting with KDE

ffmpegthumbs 22.04.3

Video thumbnail generator for KDE using ffmpeg

kdeclarative 5.98.0

Integration of QML and KDE work spaces

kdegraphics-mobipocket 22.08.1

KDE thumbnailer for Mobipocket files

kinit 5.98.0

Library to speed up start of applications on KDE workspaces

konsole 22.04.3

Terminal emulator similar for KDE

krfb 22.04.3

Desktop Sharing utility

libkcompactdisc 22.04.3

KDE library for playing & ripping CDs

audiocd-kio 22.04.3

Transparent audio CD integration for applications using the KDE Platform

breeze 5.25.5

Default KDE Plasma theme

breeze-gtk 5.25.5

Default KDE Plasma theme (GTK+ port)

breeze-icons 5.98.0

Default KDE Plasma 5 icon theme

dolphin 22.04.3

File manager for KDE

extra-cmake-modules 5.98.0

CMake module files for common software used by KDE

kaffeine 2.0.18

Versatile media player for KDE

kapidox 5.98.0

KDE Doxygen Tools

kded 5.98.0

Central daemon of KDE work spaces

kdelibs4support 5.98.0

KDE Frameworks 5 porting aid from KDELibs4

kdepim-runtime 22.08.1

Runtime components for Akonadi KDE

kdesignerplugin 5.98.0

Integrating KDE frameworks widgets with Qt Designer

kdewebkit 5.98.0

KDE Integration for QtWebKit

keventviews 22.08.1

KDE PIM library for creating events

kincidenceeditor 22.08.1

KDE PIM library for editing incidences

kmailimporter 22.08.1

KDE mail importer library

konversation 22.04.3

Graphical Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE

kpimcommon 22.08.1

Common libraries for KDE PIM

kross 5.98.0

KDE Frameworks 5 solution for application scripting

kwave 22.04.3

Sound editor for KDE

kwin 5.25.5

KDE Plasma Window Manager

libkdepim 22.08.1

Libraries for common KDE PIM apps

libkleo 22.08.1

KDE PIM cryptographic library

libkscreen 5.25.5

KDE's screen management software

libksieve 22.08.1

KDE Sieve library

oxygen-icons 5.98.0

Oxygen provides the standard icon theme for the KDE desktop

oxygen-sounds 5.25.5

Sounds for the KDE desktop

phonon 4.11.1

KDE's multimedia library

plasma 5.25.5

The KDE Plasma desktop environment

plasma-wayland-protocols 1.7.0

KDE Plasma Wayland Protocols

plasma-workspace-wallpapers 5.25.5

Oxygen wallpapers for the KDE desktop

polkit-kde-agent 5.25.5

Polkit authentication UI for Plasma

stalonetray 0.8.3

Standalone and KDE systray implementation

wacomtablet 3.2.0

KDE GUI for the Wacom Linux Drivers

yakuake 22.04.3

Quad-style terminal emulator for KDE

xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.25.5

Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using Qt/KF5

akregator 22.08.1

KDE Feed Reader

discover 5.25.5

KDE and Plasma resources management GUI

drkonqi 5.25.5

Crash handler for KDE software

kactivities 5.98.0

Core components for the KDE Activity concept

kcalendarsupport 22.08.1

Calendar Support library for KDE PIM

kcmutils 5.98.0

Utilities for KDE System Settings modules

kdeconnect 22.08.1

Enable your devices to communicate with each other

kgraphviewer 2.4.3

Graphviz dot graph viewer for KDE

khelpcenter 22.04.3

KDE documentation viewer

khtml 5.98.0

KDE Frameworks 5 HTML widget and component

ki18n 5.98.0

KDE Gettext-based UI text internationalization

kjs 5.98.0

KDE Frameworks 5 support for Javascript scripting in Qt applications

kjsembed 5.98.0

KDE Frameworks 5 embedded Javascript engine for Qt

kmail 22.08.1

Full featured graphical email client

kmailcommon 22.08.1

KDE email utility library

kmediaplayer 5.98.0

KDE Frameworks 5 plugin interface for media player features

kmessagelib 22.08.1

KDE PIM messaging libraries

knavalbattle 22.04.3

Battleship board game with built-in game server

konquest 22.04.3

Simple turn-based strategy game

kopete 22.04.3

Instant messaging and chat application

kwayland-server 5.24.6

KDE wayland server component

kwindowsystem 5.98.0

KDE access to the windowing system

libkcddb 22.04.3

CDDB library for KDE Platform (runtime)

libktorrent 22.04.3

BitTorrent protocol library for C++ / Qt 5 / KDE Frameworks

ao 1.2.2-5-g20dc8ed

Cross platform audio library

attica 5.98.0

Open Collaboration Service client library

bluez-qt 5.98.0

QML wrapper for BlueZ

bomber 22.04.3

Arcade bombing game

bovo 22.04.3

Classic pen and paper game: five in a line

choqok 1.7.0

Micro-Blogging Client

dragon 22.04.3

Simple video player

geany 1.38

Fast and lightweight IDE


Syntax highlighting library


Syntax highlighting library

gnome-shell-extension-appindicator 42

Adds KStatusNotifierItem support to GNOME Shell

gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel 51

Icon taskbar for GNOME Shell

gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect 50

Connect GNOME Shell with your Android phone

go-github-com-99designs-go-keyring 1.1.6

Go library providing a uniform interface for various secure credential stores

granatier 22.04.3

Bomberman clone

icon-naming-utils 0.8.90

Utility to implement the Freedesktop Icon Naming Specification

juk 22.04.3

Music jukebox / music player

kactivitymanagerd 5.25.5

System service to manage user's activities

kajongg 22.04.3

Classical Mah Jongg game for 4 players

kapman 22.04.3

Pac-Man clone

kblackbox 22.04.3

Find atoms in a grid by shooting electrons

kblocks 22.04.3

Single player falling blocks puzzle game

kbounce 22.04.3

Jezzball arcade game

kbreakout 22.04.3

Breakout like game

kdenlive 22.08.3

Non-linear video editor

kdiamond 22.04.3

Three-in-a-row game

kdiskmark 2.3.0

Simple disk benchmark tool

kfind 22.08.1

File search utility

kfourinline 22.04.3

Place 4 pieces in a row

kget 22.04.3

Versatile and user-friendly download manager

kgoldrunner 22.04.3

Action and puzzle solving game